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Wabash Valley Genealogy Society

PROMOTE GENEALOGY: Stimulate interest and participation, exchange information, and create an environment for researching genealogical and historical materials on a non-profit basis.

EDUCATE: Provide help and educational aid to researchers (through lectures, workshops, and classroom style presentations), preserve records, and disseminate information. Teach members use of reference materials and internet use in preparation of publishing their own genealogical materials and family lineages.

SUPPORT the genealogical collections and services of the Library by acquiring materials and publications of genealogical value for member use (books, periodicals, tracts, pamphlets, and any other ways and means of genealogy collection; i.e., CDs, booklets on family histories/genealogy).

PRESERVE the heritage, history, and genealogy of the Wabash Valley families who settled here, and other counties relative to our quest.