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Resources for Digital Projects

List of annotated resources for planning and implementing digital projects. Categories are Project Planning and Management, Mission Statements and Strategic Plans, Digitization, Standards, Metadata, Digital Preservation, Controlled Vocabulary and Thesauri, Organizations, and Tools and Additional Resources.

Project Information

Information for partners contributing digital files and/or metadata to project collections

Dublin Core Metadata Guide: Indiana Memory's metadata standards and best practices, February 8, 2007

Image Scanning Standards: Indiana Memory's proposed digital imaging standards and best practices, February 8, 2007

WV3 Metadata Guidelines (2013) : Current version of metadata guidelines for Wabash Valley Visions & Voices collections

Information sheet for new material: Source and description of digital representations to be added to collections

Metadata Guidelines (2005): Describes required and optional metadata fields for Wabash Valley Visions & Voices

WV3 Digitization Standards (2013): Outlines standards for the digitization of photographs, text, and other materials

Controlled Vocabulary List: Text file of authorized subject headings for all collections as of January 2008


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